About Liberty Corner Mission

LIBERTY CORNER MISSION is the foreign mission arm of Fellowship Deaconry Ministries, bringing God's Word of salvation and transformation to the people of Taiwan and Japan.  God has commanded and empowered us to be His witnesses, and He directs us when we obey.

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."
Acts 1:8 NIV


Hudson Taylor HospitalThe German Fellowship Deaconry began in Vandsburg, West Prussia (now Poland) when the first four Sisters began their deaconess service in 1899. It took only 10 short years until the burning desire and call to foreign shores led Sister Elisabeth Gramenz to China in 1909 under the umbrella of China Inland Mission (today, Overseas Missionary Fellowship), founded by J. Hudson Taylor. Soon she was followed by three more Sisters and later by Brothers of the German Fellowship Deaconry movement with their wives and families. The opportunities to preach the Gospel grew. The call to help the blind, the sick, and the socially ostracized could not be left unheeded. More Sisters and Brothers followed and the German Fellowship Deaconry's ministry in China flourished.

After the first Sisters from Germany reached New Jersey in the fall of 1929 to begin their ministry among German immigrants, it took even less time for the call to distant shores to reach their hearts. In 1935, just six years into their new endeavors in the USA, one pastor organized a mission trip to China to see how our Sisters and Brothers there were faring. Not only were the missionaries in China strengthened by the visit, the report of their faithful preaching of the Gospel was publicized among Christians here at home. Interest in the Lord's mission in China grew. Soon people began to send in monthly donations for the support of blind children for whom our Sisters cared in Yunnan, China. As more Christians here became aware of the great needs, the number of donors grew. God used one of the early Sisters, Sister Lina Reuter, as His instrument to collect and forward these funds for the support of the children and missionaries. Thus LIBERTY CORNER MISSION was born.

During and after WWII, it was extremely difficult to raise and transfer funds from Germany to China. LIBERTY CORNER MISSION followed God's directive to keep our German Fellowship Deaconry Brothers and Sisters on the field by funding their mission enterprise. This financial support continued until 1951, when the Communist takeover in China reached the southwest province of Yunnan and all our missionaries were forced to flee. Some went to Japan, others to Taiwan, and still others to Thailand. Throughout these turbulent times, LIBERTY CORNER MISSION was instrumental in the transport and reestablishment of our Sisters and their ministries in Taiwan and Japan. 


Liberty Corner MissionSince 1951, LIBERTY CORNER MISSION has worked in an official partnership with Marburger Mission of Marburg, Germany in Japan and Taiwan. As an interdenominational faith mission, career and short-term missionaries are recruited from both North America and Europe. Our ministries include church planting, theological education, outreach to prisoners, care for special-needs children and adults, and retreat centers. Our mission is to proclaim forgiveness and salvation through the finished work of Christ on the cross by showing His love and compassion to the lost, making disciples of Jesus Christ and planting churches, so that God may be glorified among the nations.

LCM is supported by freewill offerings from churches, groups and individuals. All gifts are tax-deductible. When you partner with LCM to send and support missionaries, to help finance national church-plants, to fund special projects, or to sponsor a special-needs child through our HeartBeat sponsorship program, you unite with us in fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus. We are looking for laborers who will go to these fields that are ripe for bringing in a spiritual harvest of souls. And we are seeking people in the homeland who will intercede, encourage and support financially these efforts overseas to be His witnesses, and to lead the lost to Jesus. Together we can see this happen. Together we can build the church of Jesus Christ.